What is PicoPowR™?

PicoPowR™ is a revolutionary charging system that uses hydro-power from streams, rivers or any constantly flowing water source. It is designed to produce approximately 20 - 30W of power, more than enough to charge a GPS, a phone or tablet battery and run LED lights. By comparison, a solar panel capable of producing 30W is over 28 inches (.7 m) in length and 14 inches (.35 m) wide, with a rigid aluminum frame, glass, and fragile solar cells. PicoPowR™ does NOT require batteries. It uses the power of FLOWING WATER to make electricity for your use. It can recharge YOUR equipment batteries. It uses a specially designed power adapter to regulate the voltage for today's electronics needs. It can charge phones and tablets and run LED lights constantly or it can be used to trickle charge a small rechargeable battery to help you run more lights and any other DC-powered devices you may use at your campsite.

How does PicoPowR™ work?

PicoPowR™ utilizes a unique "flow thru" design - where the stator of the generator (electricity producing part) is contained in the outer, non-moving perimeter of a waterproof, sealed tubular housing. The generators' moving rotor is a water-driven impeller that has the magnets (and the magnetic field required to generate electricity) on the outer ring of the impeller.

As water flows through the housing, the impeller spins. The magnets move over the coils and produce electricity. This power is routed to where you need it with a power umbilical that connects PicoPowR™ to your equipment. The generator produces electrical power for immediate use, with our power adapter, or stored in your own rechargeable batteries for later use.

How big is PicoPowR™ ?

PicoPowR™ is designed to take up a minimal amount of space to keep it packable. Our current prototype has a 6.5-inch outer diameter with a 4.75-inch intake and is 8 inches long. A solar panel capable of producing 30W is over 28 inches (.7 m) in length and 14 inches (.35 m) wide, with a rigid aluminum frame, glass, and fragile solar cells. A solar panel is bulky and will not fit in a backpack.

How many moving parts does it have?

Our system has 1 moving part, the impeller. It spins on a bearing that is sealed to help prevent water or debris from affecting the impeller's performance.

Impeller Impeller

What does it weigh?

PicoPowR™ will be as light as possible while maintaining maximum electrical efficiency. With that in mind, we plan on the device weighing between 5 - 10 pounds, depending on the amount of weight required to keep it submerged in faster flowing waters. As we improve the design, we foresee being able to reduce that weight for even more convenience.

Do I need to worry about debris in the water?

We have integrated a honeycomb-style screen into the front of the intake to prevent leaves, sticks, flotsam, fish, or other water-borne debris from entering the device. It is not shown in any of the illustrations for the sake of mechanical illustration clarity.

Will it float away in the water?

No. We have designed a quick connect tether that will attach to the front of the intake and the anchor system. After it is connected you simply throw it in the water and secure the tether near where you need power.

Our Advantages

  • Robust: With modern manufacturing abilities, PicoPowR™ is designed to use lightweight plastics that are resilient to UV and water damage. This will provide long system life and many years of service.
  • Environmentally Friendly: It uses no fuel; therefore it leaves no impact on the environment.
  • Safe to use: With no electricity-to-water interface, there is no chance of electrical shock or shorting of the system even when the device is fully submerged.
  • Size: We have designed PicoPowR™ to be as powerful as possible in a compact, packable design. By comparison, a solar panel that produces 30W of power would be over 28 inches (.7 m) in length and 14 inches (.35 m) wide, with a rigid aluminum frame, glass, and fragile solar cells.
  • Convenience: It can be used day or night; it's not dependent on wind or sun.
  • Easy to use: PicoPowR™ is designed for ease of use and operation: just attach the tether, attach the power umbilical, place several rocks in the anchor bag, toss them both into the flowing water and run the power umbilical to where you need it.
  • Silent: The only sounds you will hear are nature.
  • Price: There is no device like this currently available in the open marketplace, but we are expecting a very attractive price. We want people everywhere to be able to have and use PicoPowR™.
  • Patented: With several issued patents, as well as pending patent applications, we have taken great measures to legally protect PicoPowR™ technology and are continuing to develop and finalize the needed partnerships with producers, manufacturers, distributors, logistics, and main retailers to ensure its success. We will constantly strive to keep PicoPowR™ an advancing force in the marketplace.